Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Justice...Not Yet

In 2005 - 2006, Phoenix, Arizona was being terrorized by two separate crime sprees that included (at least) 17 murders, and dozens more attempts.  It turned out that it was 3 different serial killers, two of them working together.

I was briefly involved in one of the investigations when I was asked to speak to a Spanish speaking shooting victim as she lay dying on the side of the road, in an effort to have her describe her killer before she died.  She couldn't, because she never saw him.

Later, I happened to be in the local FBI office meeting with agents when some homicide detectives working the case came to get help "profiling" the killer.

Survivors described this person (with wig and hat):

Police found this person:

...fast forward to October 31, 2011.  Mark Goudeau (pictured) was found guilty on 67 counts, including 9 murders.  He is guilty of more, and already sentenced to over 400 years for rape related charges.  He will be facing the death penalty.  To me, its not enough. 

Son of 'Baseline Killer' victim testifies 
"When his mother didn't pick him up at school, the boy walked home.

The front door was locked, so he let himself in through the garage. And when he heard the water running, he assumed his mother was taking a shower.

But when the water kept running, he went to her bathroom and saw water overflowing from the tub.

Then he saw his mother faceup under the water with a bullet wound in her head. And though he was 8 years old, he pulled her head above water, yanked the plug to let the water out and tried doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Sophia Nuñez was already dead, the eighth murder victim of the "Baseline Killer," though police did not make the connection right away.

On Wednesday, her son, now 13, testified in the trial of Mark Goudeau..."


LL said...

Bring back 'Old Sparky'.

Even that's not enough. However, it's a step in the right direction. Texas deals with this sort of thing better than any other US State.

Mrs. K said...

How would Texas have handled it?

400 years is too good for him. Shoot him in the throat and watch him drown in his own blood. YIIKES, I even shocked myself with that thought. If you saw any of the trial you would see he had no remorse what-so-ever. Sicko!!!

jonathan rice said...

Kill him anyway possible, he'll be dead no matter how you do it. Justice is the issue here.

Water Chestnutt III said...

There is more to Justice than death...

jonathan rice said...

As much as I respect your opinion. I'm talking about the justice of 9 MURDERED people, one of those being an 8 year old boy who now has the memory of his dead mother's face burning in his heart. I have no compassion for people who destroy KIDS lives.