Monday, November 21, 2011

Left Vs. Right...

Fact Vs. Fiction

Ever watch Chris Matthews?  I is brutal.  I would rather be waterboarded, than hear Matthews bloviate on waterboarding.

Whenever he has guests that have facts, he yells, he changes the topic.  Larry Elder proves that Matthews can't play HARDBALL!

At one point, Matthews asked Elder “What is the purpose of this conversation?” — later adding, “I’m trying to be polite, and I come on your show because you invited me.”

“No, no, no, no,” Elder replied. “You called us and you asked to come on. I didn’t invite you.”


MATTHEWS: This is an embarrassment. This is why this country is being torn apart, with this kind of hatred.

ELDER: It’s called a disagreement. You perceive it as hatred, just like you perceive that the Republicans want people to die on gurneys, and they don’t care about illegal aliens, and all the other silly things that you’ve said. That’s hatred. That’s hatred, Chris.

I got this from Jeff Poor of the Daily Caller...who got it from The Hollywood Reporter


Mrs. K said...

It must be true if it came from The Hollywood Reporter. Anything connected in any way with Hollywood has got to be true!!! ;+)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Matthew's love affair with Matthews.

innominatus said...

What's weird is that I used to actually like Chrissy. Back when Clinton was in the middle of the Blue Dress Controversy, Chrissy was all over him with genuinely tough coverage.

After that, I dunno what happened. I think somebody put Pamprin in his coffee or something.