Saturday, November 5, 2011

Safety Nets...


Which is safer?

A)  Investing your money, your life's savings, in ABC Investments Inc.  ABC is a large company, millions of dollars are invested with ABC.  The government has created laws and rules that protect investors, and companies like ABC have to abide by those rules.  Several government agencies, and congress, has oversight on how ABC operates, to ensure that their methods are fair, and safe.

B)  Investing your money, your life's savings, in XYZ Investments Inc.  XYZ is a large company, millions of dollars are invested with XYZ.  There are no government rules, no laws regarding how companies like XYZ invest money.  XYZ has been around for years, under no laws, investing people's money.  XYZ customers rave about the service, and the security they feel.  Only the customers watch XYZ.

Are their currently laws about how companies invest retirement savings, and investors' money?  Are their currently multiple government agencies, and congress, with oversight on how investment companies work to ensure their methods are fair and safe?

Sorry folks, shows over...



Mrs. K said...

"All shows are cancelled until further notice"??? What? Are they going to use his corpse for further shows???

Matresses, matresses are a good place to invest...unless, of course, you have a bed bug infestation. However, the only interest you get is your own knowledge that your money is right under you. What, you say, happens if there is a fire...oh well, it was only paper.

Race Bannon said...

I'd pay a dollar to see that, and you won't need the net most artists, I think he would have more success posthumously.

Also a Safety Net victim said...

Hey i just wanna say that a broken spine and a cracked tail bone are what i got from one of these stunt shows. Ya see i was just standin' there mindin' my own business. Well nobody told lil ol'-endagared me that i was standin' under a (make an up and down motion with first two fingers on both hands) safety net. This guy fell through and nearly killed me! I turned around screamed in his lifeless face, "DID YOU KNOW I COULD BE DEAD RIGHT NOW?" I mean the flimsiness of the net and the stupidity of this stunt performer just drove me INSANE! so yes Mr. Bannon Against the Cannon Safety Nets, I do know this feeling thank you for such a heartfelt post about this issue.