Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Philadelphia to Fallujah...


"One event. One game. One decade. On December 1, 2001, two ordinary football teams met on a field in Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium to play sixty minutes of football. But this was no ordinary game. This was the Army-Navy game. And this was no ordinary Army-Navy game. This was the Army-Navy game that would occur just weeks after the attacks of September 11.

This program looks back at that historic game and profiles the journeys of three of its players who dedicated themselves to this country. These are compelling journeys - sometimes with tragic endings, other times with auspicious new beginnings. But always with an incomparable nobility and honor."


Mrs. K said...

Oh the bravery, oh the loss, oh the courage. Thank God for these men and women who go on the line for us and for others.

LL said...

They are the sharp tip of the spear. And they do make a big difference to our nation and to our lives.